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Bits & Bites 29 June 2022
- Posted 2022-06-29 01:50:23

You have to be doing things that matter - responsibility, but also responsibility with epic and beautiful and noble tasks.

Michelle Bachelet



I’ve done a terrible thing (apparently).  Rev. Adam has credited me with introducing him to the term “Trekkies” in a previous Bits & Bites which resulted in him finding The Original Series on YouTube.  However, on the plus side, it got him thinking about action-packed, epic stories of daring-do … which is what we got in Sunday’s Message;  and, now, on video.  If you didn’t get to The Gathering Place on Sunday, or want to revisit the excitement, it's right here!


On the off chance you’re reading this before Wednesday morning, word is that there will be no Wednesday Bible Study.  (Sad Emoji Face)  Poor Jo’Anna has been to the dentist and needs to give herself a bit of TLC.  Teeth, eh?  Well, most of us have been there, done that, so our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jo’Anna!  I’m going to assume that Thursday Ladies’ Bible Study is still a “go” so, if you need the Zoom link, get in touch.


Remember the South Niagara Life Ministries’ Baby Bottle Campaign that finished up on Fathers’ Day?  Many thanks to all who participated.  The great news is that we’ve been able to send a cheque to them for $255.00!  Well done!


If you missed coming on Sunday, you missed Ann McKibbon’s update on our pending “To Mars & Beyond” Vacation Bible Camp.  It’s shaping up SO well – almost ready to launch!  There are just a few wee things that we could use so if you happen to have …


Paper towel/toilet paper rolls (20) 

hole punch 

2 boxes graham crackers (40 squares in total) 

400-500 small pretzel sticks 

20 small pretzel twists 

2 packages of raisins  

Package chocolate chips 

1 jar marshmallow fluff 


Cake decorations (silver balls) 

20 oranges 

1 large box of freezes 

20 apple sauce cups 

40 juice boxes 

40 mini raisin boxes 

40 cheese sticks 

2 small or 1 large watermelon 

4-10 ounce packages mini marshmallows 

1 large box crispy rice cereal 

1 box star shaped cereal or crackers 

4 cups M&Ms 

4 cups dried fruit 

1 package cheese balls  

1 package cheese crackers 


flower seeds (unused packages) of seeds.


… and a partridge in a pear tree, let us know! 


Oh – apparently we don’t need the partridge or the pear tree so we’ll focus on the rest.  I’ll get a basket set up at The GP and we’ll see how we get on.  Rev. Adam is SO excited about the activities that are lined up … particular the guest appearance of a real live owl.  OK, we’re all a little bit excited, we cannot lie.


And that’s about it, I think.  Remember that we have a table at the Port Colborne Farmers’ Market on Fridays.  Call around, say hello, and leave something for the Food Bank.  Yes – it IS in full swing on Canada Day so come down and buy something tasty in celebration.  And if you want to revisit our Canada Day antics from LAST year, it’s here:  Hey!  This will be Rev Adam’s first Canada Day as a fully fledged Canadian Citizen, signed, sealed, and delivered.  Feel free to with him “Many Happies”!


To become a country, and truly call ourselves Canada, it means we must become one.

Gord Downie

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